Welcome to Worcestershire in the South Midlands.

From history to industry, landscape to architecture, scenery to solitude.

This county has it all!

These pages are an attempt to bring you some of the best of Worcestershire. (God's country, as some local people are fond of saying). It certainly seems to be blest in many ways, not least with the weather. Often when the news tells us of bad or severe conditions elsewhere, this county seems to escape all but a smattering of the worst effects. Commuters who travel 15 to 20 miles to work in Birmingham from central Worcestershire can tell you of many occasions when there is 3 or 4 inches of snow in Birmingham while it is dry at home and probably 5 degrees warmer. What we do suffer with, more than most places, at least down the central part of the county, is flooding. This is due to the fact that the longest river in Britain runs through the heart of it, and there is also a tributary that contributes enormous amounts of water to the flow in the lower half of the county. Because both rivers rise in Central Wales, they are affected more by the rain in the Welsh hills than by local rainfall. As Central Wales has a huge rainfall compared to Worcestershire, this means we sometimes have floods without a lot of local rain. Still we seem to be fortunate in missing the worst of the serious storms, blizzards and what have you that often devastate other parts of the British Isles. Have a look around the site and see why the author felt drawn to illustrate the county in which he has lived for all of his life.

You can find articles and information about different aspects of the County of Worcestershire, and read about some of it's history. There will eventually be links to other sites, of interest to anyone wanting more information on the county. A lot of the content is drawn from other people's observations, in which case there will be an acknowledgement of that. The author is grateful for the help from, and contributions made to these pages by, friends and acquaintances so named. The site is still being built and also constantly in the process of being updated, so please excuse any hitches you may have with links to some of the pages (due also to the author being on a steep learning curve). Please feel free to email any (constructive) comments you would like to make about the site.

You can reach the author at james@thisisworcs.20m.com

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The river Teme in Worcestershire

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